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Tax Planning/Projection

At Ross Tax & Accounting, we believe that the best way to make informed decisions is through careful planning. When we do your tax projection, our tax accountants identify tax adjustments and changes in tax regulations that affect your business or individual tax situation for the upcoming tax seasons. We aim to avoid penalties and to implement tax-saving strategies.

The following are just a few strategies to lower your tax liability:

  • Shift your deductions from one year to another in order to have it taxed at a lower rate.
  • Move your income from one year to another to have it where you will have a better tax benefit.
  • To have more of your income taxed at lower rates, split income among several family members and/or legal entities.
  • Defer tax liability by utilizing certain investments.
  • Invest your money to have tax free income from federal or state income tax.


These are just a few of many recommendations our firm has. Learn more about our tax return preparation services and then contact us to discuss your specific needs.