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What our clients say…

We have enjoyed working with Ross Tax & Accounting for more than 12 years and highly recommend the service.

- Elmari V.




You have earned our trust & confidence time and time again.

- Robert D.




We feel your Company strives for excellence in all you do. Your company always stay’s up to date with the IRS and the constantly changing tax laws.

- Frieda S.




Our tax returns were badly messed up over the years by a number of incompetent CPA’s. Your practice cleaned them up professionally for us. The realization that knowledgeable accountants are taking care of our accounts gives us peace of mind of not worrying about our books.

- Sonny O.




Peace of mind. I never have to worry about payroll deposits, tax time and all the worries of daily business. I know we will be taken care of.

- Ruby B.




Thank you for your usual efficiency, courtesy, and professionalism. We are so happy to have you take such good care of us.

- Paul H.




Personalized, courteous, & professional service, with superior tax knowledge & foresight toward planning for next year.

- J. Ashley S.




Personal service and concern for my tax situation and they helped me save money.

- Jeremy D.




Excellent service and personalized attention from entire staff.

- Robert R.




The Professionalism and ability to answer all my questions associated with getting my taxes completed.

- Erica C.




We're working with a very knowledgeable accountant

- Ezinwa A.




The years of familiarity with my account,makes the process much smoother.

- Gary S.




I am worry free and in good hands.

- Rudy S.




They have a general interest in what we do.

- Peter W.




Knowing my taxes are done correctly and being able to get all the breaks and benefits.

- Leon H.




They're fast and easy. Drop off, pick up,and sign return. You called if we were missing anything­ Excellent!

- Catherine L. & Kenneth D.




It's easier to let the experts do this, rather than myself.

- Seppo M.




Secure in the knowledge of dealing with professional and highly competent people that are looking out for the client's interest.

- Ashley S.




Professionalism, along with a great response time.

- Alex W.




Wally is great. I like how he tells me exactly like it is, no hoops to jump through.

- Coryn I.




Rene was great – First year on our accounts and she was a real pro. Glad we have her.

-Nick & Moira Y.